Scroll through the pictures to read the entire brochure.

Download the brochure to your computer to read offline, click the PDF below.

The brochure contains maps with place numbers in the various areas and also an overview map of the entire campsite. At the bottom there are prices for what a place costs. All places have different prices.

Please be welcome to a complete experience on Hätteboda Vildmarkscamping! We do everything to make you comfortable in the countryside of Småland.

All prices refer to a family with children under 16, regardless of whether it is a tent, camper or caravan.

Over 16 add-on 100.00 SEK / day.

NOTE At least 5 nights' provision for special place reservation number between 1/7 to 20/8 and 2 days´ all other time. 
If the cave Valhalla is reserved, we set up message on the large door to Valhalla and the booking schedule of Camp Outback. Someone hire Valhall does not take place from 1 July -21 August. The price is 2500 :-/ night (VAT included) up to 50 persons and between 50 - 100 employees 4000 :-/ night (VAT included).

If you have not arrived at 16.00 the day of booking and not announced otherwise you lose the place you booked.

All bookings must you have confirmation from us.

Write number of people if you have a caravan, motorhome or tent (large or small)
nationality and other matters.

  • Please write a brief description of your accommodation. How big camper / caravan or tent.

Or just send an e-mail: camping@vildmarkscamping.se

Please check here if your favorite place is vacant before booking site. This will save a lot of time both for you and us.

Booking Schedule

Main Camp
Outback Camp
Chanel Islands
Eagle point

Price list 2024

Reservations by phone must not be made except in case of emergency.

SCR campingcard you can buy it here just click on the picture below

We are open all year!
Between 1/10 to 30/4 we open the gate for you if you first send us an email so we know when you will arrive.

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